How am I to make a complaint about a service?

Preferably by e-mail, or by phone. If it concerns dissatisfaction with the processing of an order, a manager of the company will examine the matter and propose an alternative solution to the client. If it concerns damage that has been caused by us, we’ll pay the price of the clothes to the client.

What items do you clean?

A standard offer, most customers give us shirts, suits, dresses etc, but also e.g. winter jackets for which we also offer impregnation. Also bed linen, covers. We don’t specialise only in leather clothes but we also clean any leather footwear.

Isn’t it complicated?

We find filling in a form more efficient than two visits to a brick-and-mortar cleaner’s.

Did not find the answer?

Ask us at hello@wehateironing.cz or on +420 607 000 944

Let us do your laundry

Take your wife for a dinner. Go jogging. Go fishing. Anything you like, now you have time for that.

When should we pick up the laundry?
For now, we only offer the service in Prague