We Embrace Nature and Sustainability

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Every day, we apply small acts of sustainability to help the environment: we plant trees, we package garments in fully bio-degradable film and recycle returned wire hangers.

Recycled Paper

“Right from the onset, we knew we wanted to build an eco-friendly and sustainable company,” explains one of its owners Marcel Gecov. “All our packaging, from receipts to bags, is therefore made from recyclable materials”.

Bio-Degradable Plastic

Our garment covers are made from bio-degradable plastic film and are themselves recyclable. All our paper packing is also recyclable. To further reduce waste, we use special refillable bulk containers for our liquid detergent and fabric conditioner.

Thousands of Wire Hangers Saved

If customers do not want our wire hangers, we’ll happily take them back and re-use them. That’s how annually, we save thousands of wire hangers that would’ve otherwise ended up in the bin.

Planting Trees

We want to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible and to do so, we plant trees. Together with Sázíme stromy, z.ú. Organisation, we plant 80 trees a month in the Jíloviště u Prahy Wood in areas where trees were infested by bark beetles. And you can help, too, by using your bonus points as a contribution to plant trees on your behalf.

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